Adventures in Breadmaking: Artisan Sourdough I

So I was battling insomnia last week and I stumbled on some bread making videos by Gluten.Morgen on Instagram. I got interested in the bread because of the designs and I gotta tell ya, there are some creative bread makers out there. What started out as one video led to about a hundred more on sourdough bread.

My baking skills are pretty good but as usual, there is always to for improvement. I haven’t dabbled in breadmaking so I decided to start with Asian bao buns to get mentally prepared. I did this because as I was watching the sourdough videos, I noticed the consistency of the dough was similar to that of the bao. I wasn’t ready to make the sourdough as my sourdough starter wasn’t ready yet but I also wanted to practice the dough folding.

As I type this, my starter needs three more days before it’s ready but I am confident on my dough assessment skills. I don’t have a dutch oven or a pizza stone so it’s going to be interesting to Mcgyver a way to bake them without. It’s going to be an interesting week for sure. I’m the mean time, I’m going to watch more videos and read up as much as I can on sourdough. Turns out there’s a niche community dedicated to perfecting artisan sourdough bread. This newbie is looking forward to joining in and learning more.

Also, my future kitchen equipment inventory is increasing as now I think a grain mill is necessary. By then I will have improved my sourdough making and will want to exprement with fresh milled flour combinations. #excited.

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