Moist: A Tale of Cream.

I love face creams and sheet masks. I have Hillary banks and Whitley Gilbert to thank for this as I was utterly obsessed with them growing up. They were so stylish, cool and a little nuts; it was glorious. As I type this I have a sheet mask on and it’s wet AF. I like my face moisturized. Moist is a word that makes me uncomfortable but moisturizer is A-OK.

I like make up but not as much as I love great skin. It’s the best foundation money can buy and if you want flawless makeup coverage, you better take care of your skin. Since going makeup free is now a trend (thanks Alicia), I suggest you take care from the inside out. 

Stay hydrated.

Take your vitamins.

Practice kindness. Plot twist: it keeps you young.

Hug people.

Cut down on grease.

Wash your hands.





Smile, it looks good on you