Thoughts Welcome

Alright people, for the past three days I’ve been having some vivid ass, probably prophetic dreams. The scenario changes every day but the level of detail and immersion increases significantly. I wake up unsettled and somewhat freaked. I’m exhausted as I type this but I’m a little afraid to sleep. The amount of Déjà Vu is startling and I’m struggling to go with the flow. 

It has a Nightmare on Elm Street feel to it minus the murder and cringe. It seems the Freddie Kreuger I’m running from is a relationship cuz last nights dream was a concert date I apparently signed up for. It was a pleasant experience if I must say, but the freaky part was that I was very much aware it was a dream. Mystery guy kept falling in love and I kept trying to alert everyone around me to the fabrication of the whole thing. How do you wake people up in your own dream? Hell how do you wake yourself from a dream?
Him: Babe, you have beautiful eyes.

Me: Ok but this isn’t real.

Him: Lets hold hands.

Me: Cool but this is a dream. Why am I here? 

Him: You’re so funny babe, that’s one of the reasons I love you.

Me: Cool, but I need to wake up cuz this isn’t real. I have never met you before in my life.

Him: lol awww babe *love eyes*

Me: Can you slap me real quick, I’m clearly having a food nightmare. 

*Dream me and real me stayed the same so that’s good

If you read this, I’d like an opinion. I personally think I should stop eating before I sleep as has been the pattern this whole week. So I ask you, what does it all mean?

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