Ode to Beef Jerky

Ring the alarm.

Let it be known throughout the lands.

Beef jerky is life.

Consider this:

1) You go hiking and take a wrong turn. You get hella lost and night time is coming. You can’t hunt cuz you sheltered as fuck but you did pack some beef jerky. Boom! Survival.

2) You are at a rave and are intoxicated AF. You suddenly get the munchies but can’t seem to navigate your way through the maze of dancers and strobe lights and there’s no way you will pay $15 for a cookie you aren’t quite sure about. You reach into your party fanny pack and boom! Beef Jerky.

3) You are walking home and come across a hungry doggo. You feel bad, lie down and try not to cry. You suddenly remember you have beef jerky in your purse. Boom! New friend.

4) You just finished a three month fitness program and you are feeling all proud of yourself. You decide to treat yo self to something tasty but with none of the guilt. #boom. Beef Jerky.

5) You go to the grocery store and buy beef jerky. Boom! Now you have beef jerky.

Yeah, I love beef jerky. Chewy meat sticks. Best snack food ever.