It’s Elementary.

Water, earth, fire, air.

Camping makes me feel like the Avatar.

Mistress of the elements.

This is why I love camping. 

I have met people who don’t like camping and for the life of me I don’t understand why. Is it cuz of bugs? There’s a spray for that you know. I can’t wait to have kids so I can share the experience with them. Between the open fire cooking, the cold water and the smell of nature, it couldn’t be more bliss.

The one thing I will emphasize is that you go with like minded individuals. It will make all the difference. You get to see which of your friends will make your zombie survival team. For real, it’s more about attitude than skill to be honest but it’s all good fun. 

My favorite part of camping is the fire place. My second favorite part is when you get back and your sweatshirt still smells like camp fire. That’s the best smell ever! #firegoddess

I’m looking forward to my next camping trip and this time, I’m bringing an obscene amount of sweatshirt and whiskey. #party