Blast From the Past.

So I was scrolling down Instagram and came across this blast from the past. Known scientifically as dialium indum, the tamarind-plum is definitely a treat I miss. Growing up, I didn’t known what it was called; I knew I liked the texture and I loved the taste. It grew plentiful in Nigeria and was a local snack all the children enjoyed. Now, thanks to Instagram and Wikipedia, I now know the local Nigerian name for this fruit is Awin. This new knowledge has opened up new childhood memories and I’m grateful. Thanks Instagram for the nostalgia rush. 

You know, this could explain why I love tamarind. It is more tart than Awin but close enough for the brain association. So this whole time I’m gorging on samosas was all for the tamarind sauce which was close in taste to my favourite childhood snack. Whoa dude. Just whoa. 2017 is definitely the year of like you know…realizing stuff.